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Lemon (English Cover)

- Rebecca Watanabe
Phát hành: 2018 Thể Loại: Bài hát Âu Mỹ khác

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Lời bài hát: Lemon (English Cover)
Bài hát: Lemon (English Cover) - Rebecca Watanabe

Even if our love was just a dream, how sweet a dream it was
Even after all this time, it’s only you that I’m dreaming of
Like I’m coming home for something I forgot to bring with me
Now I sweep layers of dust off of my rusty memories

There’s a certain kind of happiness that doesn’t happen twice
That’s the last lesson you taught me ‘fore you walked out of my life
And the darkened past I hid from you, not ever speaking of
Will remained darkened forever more if I’m without your love

There’s no one that can hurt me
More than when you deserted me
Where my heart used to be there’s an empty hole

Even all the sorrow of that day
Even all the tears and all the pain
Baby, I loved every single thing
As long as you were with me
In my head the bitter scent of lemon
Just won’t go away and leave me be
And I can’t go home tonight until the rain no longer pours
You will always be the light that brightens my entire world

In the dark of night, I traced your back with gentle fingertips
I can still picture your contour and the soft smile on your lips
Every time I face a situation that is hard to take
I am blinded by the endless teardrops streaming down my face

Tell me, what were you playing at?
What were you always looking at
With that faraway sideways glance that I never saw?

Baby, if you’re somewhere right now cryin’
Drowning in a sea of tears like I am
Feeling so alone you want to die and
Thinking you might have regrets
Put a pin in that unhealthy thinking
If you can forget me, please forget
That is what I’m wishing for you from the bottom of my heart
You will always be my shining light no matter where you are

I was more in love with you
Than I ever really knew
Since the day we parted ways
I can hardly breathe the same
Though we were together all that time
It almost feels like a lie
I will remember you forever
That’s all that I know for certain

あの日の悲しみさえ あの日の苦しみさえ
Ano hi no kanashimi sae ano hi no kurushimi sae
そのすべてを愛してた あなたとともに
Sono subete wo ai shite'ta anata to tomo ni

胸に残り離れない 苦いレモンの匂い
Mune ni nokori-hanarenai nigai lemon no nioi
Ame ga furi-yamu made wa kaerenai

Kiri-waketa kajitsu no katahou no you ni
Ima demo anata wa watashi no hikari
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